Coatbridge St. Patrick’s Festival 2018

9th March- The Yearly Irish Quiz

Location: The Columba Club on 8 John Street in Coatbridge.
Time: 7.30 pm.
Tickets: £5.00

The 2018 celebrations commence with a fun night out filled with nothing but music and laughter. Participants enter a competition to win the trophy which was previously won by the Wild Linoleum Boys.’ The tournament tests their knowledge about Ireland.

10th March- The Saint Patrick’s Festival Gaelic Football Challenge Cup

Location: Dunbeth Park in Coatbridge.
Time: 3.30pm
Entrance Fee: None

Come root for the Saint Augustine’s as well as the Saint Patrick’s primary schools as they compete in a game of football for the Challenge Cup.

10th March- The Saint Patrick’s Holiday Shindig

Time: 7.30 pm.
Venue: The Saint Patrick’s Church Hall, 8th John Street in Coatbridge.
Ticket Charges: £15.00

Come wine and dine, as well as dance at this Festival. Delight in a phenomenal three-course meal courtesy of the Gallagher caterers. The renowned DJ Sweeney provides incredible Irish dance music. Additionally, the night would be incomplete without an entire floor performance of Irish dances from one of the local schools. There is also the chance to emerge victorious in the raffle competition.

13th March- The Yearly Debate and Lecture

Venue: The Saint Patrick’s Church Hall in Coatbridge.
Time: 7.30 pm.
Entrance Fee: £3.00

It was once said that sectarianism is purely a subject for historians, and therefore raises no concern in modern Scotland. Therefore, the history professor (Emeritus) and Mr. Devine of the University of Edinburgh meet for a heated debate as to whether or not sectarianism lives up to its title as ‘the shame of Scotland.’

Not only is this a subject of contention in the modern world but is also one with different interpretations. Is it only a subject of football or also exudes relevance to other fields such as cultural, professional, social and political life in Scotland?

Dr. Bradley is the chairman of this intriguing debate.

16th March- The Ted Night alongside Live Music

Location: The Columba Club on 8 John Street in Coatbridge.
Time: 7 pm.
Entry Fees: £5.00

A wonderful night is certain, given the yearly Ted Night whereby queries encompass two episodes of a captivating Irish comedy which will be shown, after which some top-notch Irish music will be played and definitely blow your mind.

17th March- The Family Street Festival

Location: Main Street in Coatbridge.
Time: 11 am to 4 pm.

Relish in the ambiance of Coatbridge town as it is converted into a placed filled with songs and dances as everyone is ushered into the 2018 Festival finale, on two stages located in Buchanan Centre and St. Patrick’s Church. What is more is that the times when the performances will take place, as well as the entire list of acts, are readily available in the Festival Shop on the day-of. Nevertheless, it is vital to keep in mind that performances may be subject to alterations.