What’s On St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is undoubtedly one of the most religious celebrations globally, with millions of people commemorating it every year. Additionally, this solely Irish tradition swiftly took over the world with a myriad of landmarks turning green on the day to celebrate the patron Saint of Ireland, annually.

Essentially obtained from the Great War and to symbolize the St. Patrick’s holiday in Coatbridge, the exhibition highlights a profusion of Irish folks who took homage in the town, as well as the subsequent Irish regiments which were signified in Coatbridge during WWI, thus giving details about the lives of the brave soldiers who died as heroes.

St. Patrick’s Day is an Irish festivity that occurs annually, on the 17th of March. Throughout this month, the Irish culture is glorified through spiritual services, exuberant dancers, Irish music performances, and exhibitions. Furthermore, the holiday is symbolized through wearing green attire, eating foods which are green in colour, and indulging in renowned Irish drinks such as Bailey’s, and Jameson Irish Whiskey.

Being in existence for centuries, St. Patrick’s Day has evolved from being a solely religious holiday to a secular festivity that is commemorated predominantly in Ireland. As the Irish Diaspora astronomically grew worldwide, the traditions which this unique day entails have promptly become dear to those who relish the Irish culture.

With that being said, you can get a feel of what is in store by scrolling through some of the events publicized on the pages of our blog, through which you will keep embracing the influence of the Irish traditions, identity, and culture, within our community and more, not to mention having a bit of a party. Moreover, 2019 will be another captivating year with not only new events in the woodworks but also old favourites.

Delight in the ambience of Coatbridge town centre as it becomes a colourful musical world and welcomes everyone to the St. Patrick’s Day festivities. Keeping that in mind, there will indeed be amazing music as well as dancing all day on the two stages which are situated on Main Street, namely:

  • The first stage which is adjacent to St. Patrick’s Church.
  • The second stage which is found on the opposite side of the Buchanan Centre.

In case you can’t attend the event, visit our website for the detailed reviews, photos and videos of celebrations.